Activating your StreamLine TV Streaming Box


How-To use the Remote & Keyboard

Connect your StreamLine box to your TV.
You will use the HDMI cord to connect from the StreamLine box to the back of your tv.
Pay attention to what HDMI port you are plugging into.
Now plug the Ethernet cord from your router to the StreamLine box using an Ethernet cord if possible. (Not supplied.)
– or follow directions in step 2 to connect to the internet via Wi-Fi

How to Connect your StreamLine TV Box

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Connect to your internet:
We recommend using an Ethernet cord if possible. Ethernet can up to 100 Times Faster than WiFi!
If not please Unplug your WiFi Router, wait 1 minute, plug it back and & then connect your streamline box to it.
If your TV is located on another floor or the other side of your house and you are having trouble connecting,
try getting connected using a TV that is closer to the router & then move the box to the other TV.
That can make it easier if you have a lot of wireless signals nearby.

Updates & Apps
After you are online be sure to connect to a new or existing gmail account, this will allow your streamline box to update the google apps. You do this by Clicking on the Play Store Icon on the top Right.

Don’t forget to get your Free Lifetime Warranty By Simply Filling out the warranty form here on our website!

Please select your StreamLine Box Model Number (Located under the Logo on Top of your Device)

LT3  –  LT2
( SLT  –  SXII )

Setting up the Media Center
Follow the videos below. We recommend using a laptop, tablet or smart phone to watch the getting started videos so you can follow along on your tv. You can pause and rewind the videos as needed.
Video 2 is for Setting up the Media Center


This Video is for the StreamLine LT3

This is a Multi Part Video…
Click the  context menu icon in the Top Left Corner to choose another segment of the video.