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If you are having trouble, these simple Troubleshooting steps will fix about 99% of StreamLine issues;


  1. Power off your StreamLine TV Box & Then Power it back on.
    (for the LT2 or LT3 you must Hold the power button on the remote for 3 seconds & then click on shutdown – if you are using the mini keyboard press Fn & Enter)

  2. AFTER the box is powered back on, wait for 1 minute & then
    Install the latest pack even if you already have it installed & be sure to leave the Check Mark in “Clear Cache & Data
    Take note of how long the Download part of the install takes (it will say Downloading)
  3. Do a Speed Test 
    (required for all trouble tickets regarding buffering or streaming issues)

  4. If your Time / Date is wrong, that means you don’t have a good internet connecting or are not connecting. Unplug your Modem / Router & Power off the streamline box, plug your modem back in, wait 2 minutes & then turn the streamline box back on & check your internet connection and speed using the speedtest app
  5. If you tried all that & it is still not working Click the Link for Your Correct StreamLine Model from the list below.

(The model number is located on top of your StreamLine device)
SXII – SLT – LT2 – LT3

 If you are still having problems after following the troubleshooting guide for your model, please fill out the contact form below to open a trouble ticket for for support. 

Trouble Ticket Form





Buffering or Not able to Stream?
Must provide Speedtest Download Speed
test to be done from StreamLine Box

If you are opening a trouble ticket for any issues related to
Buffering or Not Able to Stream Movies or TV Shows
You must provide Speedtest Results
from your StreamLine Device

Here is a video on How-to do a Speedtest from your StreamLine Box


I did the basic troubleshooting as listed above



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