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ATTN: For support you must first follow the troubleshooting steps for your model streamline box and if you are still having trouble after following all the steps, then fill out the Support Trouble Ticket Form Below & a tech will contact you to resolve your issue. Please also try the Search Box on the top right of our website for finding answers.
**We have No Control over content, if you can not find a certain movie, episode, etc. try another add-on – Support can not help you find it & does not respond to these requests.**

If you are having trouble, these simple Troubleshooting steps will fix about 99% of StreamLine issues;


  1. Power off your StreamLine TV Box & Then Power it back on.
    (Hold the power button on the remote for 3 seconds & then Tap ok on shutdown – if you are using the mini keyboard press Fn & Enter)
    *note: if you hold ok on shutdown it will put the box into safe mode, to get back out of safe mode, restart again)

  2. AFTER the box is powered back on, wait for 1 minute & then
    Open packloader & click “Remove Partial Data & Start Over”
    Install the latest pack even if you already have it installed & be sure to leave the Check Mark in “Clear Cache & Data
    Take note of how long the Download part of the install takes (it will say Downloading)
  3. Do a Speed Test 
    (required for all trouble tickets regarding buffering or streaming issues)

  4. If your Time / Date is wrong, that means you don’t have a good internet connecting or are not connecting. Unplug your Modem / Router & Power off the streamline box, plug your modem back in, wait 2 minutes & then turn the streamline box back on & check your internet connection and speed using the speedtest app
  5. If you tried all that & it is still not working Click the Link for Your Correct StreamLine Model from the list below.

(The model number is located on top of your StreamLine device)
LT2 – LT3


 If you are still having problems after following the troubleshooting guide for your model, please fill out the contact form below to open a trouble ticket for for support. 

Trouble Ticket Form





Buffering or Not able to Stream?
Must provide Speedtest Download Speed
test to be done from StreamLine Box

If you are opening a trouble ticket for any issues related to
Buffering or Not Able to Stream Movies or TV Shows
You must provide Speedtest Results
from your StreamLine Device

Here is a video on How-to do a Speedtest from your StreamLine Box


I did the basic troubleshooting as listed above


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all content comes from the internet, the streamline device only acts as an aggregator, no content is provided by steamline. as such we can not guarantee content or the ability to find any movies, tv shows or other content.