Box Registration

StreamLine TV SX series & LT series models come with a 1 year warranty.
We also offer a Free limited Lifetime warranty to those who Register Your Box Here within 90 days of purchase
This warranty is not transferable and is subject to the terms & conditions listed on and at the sole discretion of StreamLine for repair / replacement. The warranty is limited to the StreamLine SX or LT series device only and does not extend to cords, plugs, or accessories. This warranty covers manufacturers defects, workmanship, and the devices ability to power on and function when supplied with the correct power or working cords. It does not cover inability to run apps or add-ons due to software support or lack there-of. If software requirements surpass the devices capability StreamLine does offer discounts for “Upgrading” to a newer device.
*Subscription Purchases: Any StreamLine Devices purchased with subscription services must remain on an active subscription for the warranty to remain valid, failure to maintain an active subscription will void all warranties.


You must register Your StreamLine TV Box within 90 days of Purchase to activate the lifetime Warranty*.

Please fill out the registration form below to activate your warranty and to be granted access to the online member community.  Here you will find important updates, tricks and most recent news/how to videos to utilize StreamLine to its full capacity.

Warranty Registration
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