Upgrade your StreamLine TV Box ($50 – $100)

Upgrade from SXII or SLT $50
Other Models $100 (Select Model to update price)


Model Number *

Your Model Number is on top of the Box


We are currently out of stock, more LT3s will be arriving soon.
I understand this may not ship until November 10th

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Now You Can Upgrade any Previous versions of a StreamLine TV box to one of our newer StreamLine TV Boxes.
(or any current model competitors box, must be the same model listed on their website, models not listed on competitors site still qualify for $100 off our retail price)

(Please see the bottom of this page for details on how the current StreamLine TV Streaming boxes work)

In order to be eligible for the upgrade:

You must return the original in full working and good condition with the power cord, remote & HDMI cable & packaging (if you still have it)


Your New StreamLine TV Box will only be shipped once we receive your old box with accessories as listed,

  • Old StreamLine Device
  • Power Cord
  • Remote & HDMI cable. (If you are missing any of these, please let us know)

Never use the old power supply on the newer boxes, as they may be a different voltage.
Please use your Order number as the Return Number.
Just write the Order Number on the Shipping label along with a printed copy of your order in the box.

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