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Things to do before contacting Support.

Basic Troubleshooting

  1. Power off your StreamLine TV Box & Then Power it back on.
    (for the LT2 or LT3 you must Hold the power button on the remote for 3 seconds & then click on shutdown)
  2. Be sure you have installed the Latest Pack
    If you have, Try re-installing the latest pack – Be sure to “Clear Cache & Data”
  3. If your Time / Date is wrong, that means you don’t have a good internet connecting or are not connecting. Unplug your Modem / Router & Power off the streamline box, plug your modem back in, wait 2 minutes & then turn the streamline box back on & check your internet connection and speed using the speedtest app
  4. If you tried all that & it is still not working Click the Link for Your Correct StreamLine Model from the list above.

Below this Video, you will find other Troubleshooting FAQ & Q&A

Support FAQ

How do I reset the Google Play Store – LT2 or LT3

How do I reset the Google Play Store – LT2 or LT3 If you are having trouble with opening the Google Play Store on your LT2 or LT3, Follow this video to remove any updates that may have failed to finish installing & are causing the Play Store

How do I reset the Google Play Store – SXII or SLT

No Sound – No Volume

Having Trouble with No Sound / No Volume 

There are 3 Volumes

  1. The one for your TV
  2. The one on the volume keys on the remote & keyboard
  3. and also, the + & – keys on ANY Keyboard
    * There may also be a picture of a Speaker Up & Down next to the controls during a movie or show playback, that’s the same as the + & – keys

Here’s a picture of the last 2

Things are zoomed, off the edge or fuzzy

Models Effected: SXII & SLT

Are movies Zoomed in?
Lines on the sides or top & bottom?
Cutting off the edges of apps, movies, or other things on your tv? 
This video will help you adjust your screen settings to fix that.

If your screen is fuzzy, scrambled, or you just can’t see things on it, Scroll to the bottom of this page or click the video to open it in YouTube

There will be a video overlay showing what to do…

If your screen is fuzzy, scrambled, or you just can’t see things on it,
Turn the Volume up, so you can hear the Pops it makes when you press the DPad buttones…
(The last time you press a direction, it should not “pop”)
PRESS UP 4 times
Press Right 4 Times
Press Down 4 Times – Press OK
Press Right ONE TIME
Press Down ONE TIME
Press OK
That will Turn Auto Detection On…
Turn the box Off using the Power Button on the remote & then on again when the blue light turns Red

The Date and Time are wrong.

If the Date / Time are incorrect on the screen, you are not connecting to the internet.
The StreamLine TV Box uses the Internet for everything, including the Time & Date, if your Time and Date are wrong, this means the StreamLine TV Box’s Internet connection is not connecting.

Fix the internet problem & then everything should be fine, be sure to restart the streamline box too.


  • Press the Home button on the remote or keyboard & Look at the Top Right corner, do you see 2 computers or a WiFi symbol?
    If not, you are not connected to the internet Router.
     – If you do, then your internet connection is out or the wi-fi signal is week or has interference.
  • Click the Settings icon on the lower right corner & click your connection (May be located under Network)
  • Restart your internet router by Unplugging the power to the router, waiting 30 seconds & then plug it back in.
    Then Hold the Power button on the StreamLine Remote for 3 seconds & click shutdown, if the Blue LED turns off or turns Red it is off.
    Now press the power button again – You should see the StreamLine Logo flashing on your screen for at least 20 seconds or more, if not your box did not turn off, unplug it & plug it back in.
    Once it is restarted, try your connection again.

No Signal or TV shows Blue Screen

If your TV is Showing “No Signal” a Blank or Blue Screen, here are some troubleshooting tips

  1. Check your connections, ensure the Power cord is connected & the Power LED on the StreamLine TV Box is Lit Blue.
  2. Start with the TV & StreamLine Box both Off, Now Turn Just the TV On.
  3. Unplug the HDMI and plug it back in on both ends, the TV & The StreamLine TV Box.
  4. Check the HDMI Input Number on the TV, as shown below, and ensure the correct Input is selected on the TV, example, if you plugged into HDMI 1 be sure you select HDMI 1 on the TV.
  5. If you have done all this and are still having no signal, it could be a bad HDMI cord.
    Follow the guide below to test this.



Testing your HDMI cable

The best way to do this is using one that is already “Know Good”
if you have another device plugged into your TV using HDMI, such as a Cable TV, Sat TV box, Game System, etc. you can use that to test!

  1. unplug the HDMI cord from the StreamLine TV Box (red outline in picture below)
  2. Turn on the other device, cable sat, game system, etc. & make sure you can see it on the TV.
  3. If you can see it, unplug the HDMI cord from the back of that device. (blue outline in picture below)
  4. Your TV will show no signal.
  5. Plug that HDMI cord into the StreamLine TV Box
  6. You should now see a picture on the TV again, if not please be sure the StreamLine TV Box has the Blue Light Lit up.



Delete Cache & Packages 2017

Remember, Your StreamLine TV Box is a Specialized Computer and needs to have the Cache cleared often too.

The Star, next to the power icon on the lower left corner, used to have Delete My Cache & Delete Packages
It is done Automatically now!
So now you can just use the star for Favorites 🙂


Can I use a Wireless Keyboard & Mouse

Yes, all StreamLine models are compatible with both Wired & Wireless Keyboards and Mouses!
We recommend using a Wireless Keyboard, they work better than Bluetooth ones…
They come with a Wireless Dongle, its a little USB transmitter, that plugs into the side of the box…
You can get a nice Logitech K400 from Walmart for around $25

Some of the StreamLine models have Bluetooth support as well, however there is a known issue with Apple Bluetooth Keyboards.
Apple has made their Bluetooth keyboards specifically to not work with Android devices…
The StreamLine SLT, LT2 & LT3 do not support Bluetooth

What if the box doesn’t work?

If your internet is to slow or unreliable the box may have trouble working, it does Stream its content from the Internet, So a bad connection will cause problems.
If you intend on watching Streams in 1080p we recommend a minimum speed of 8 mbps download
If you have less than 8 mbps down, we would recommend sticking with the HQrated shows and movies rather than the HD ones.
If you have more than one box, or several devices connected higher speed may be required.

See our Trouble Shooting section for help. 
If your internet is just to slow and you need to return your box use our RMA Request Form

Do you guarantee the streaming quality?

No. The StreamLine TV box is streaming content from the internet and cannot guarantee the quality, availability or integrity of the streams. There are many Apps and Add-ons that generally have multiple sources of varying degrees of quality and speed. There are several factors that determine the quality of streaming on the internet: Your internet provider, modem connection speed, internet location, Quality of your Router, other competing Wi-Fi signals such as apartments, Wi-Fi connection vs Ethernet connection.
The StreamLine TV box is capable of streaming 4k video, 3D video, 1080p and lower video quality, most streaming content of recent shows and movies is available to stream in 1080p or 720p HD



Comcast Supplied Router?
Comcast (xfinity) is known to limit the number of connected devices on their routers (5 – 7 depending on router)
Not to mention the quality of Rented Refurbished routers they supply.
Did you know you can Buy your own modem & router and stop renting the devices from them!?
This will save you $120 or more per year, Plus Supercharge your home network!
Comcast Compatible Modems Just be sure to get something that is good quality. Motorola / Arris modems are nice
You will also need a Router, We recommend using an AC Router, the higher the number the better the range
Netgear AC 1200 – AC 1900 routers are awesome & can be purchased at local stores or online for under $100
The Better your Internet & Router the better your streams!

Press the Power Button on the StreamLine TV Box remote – The Blue light on the box will turn red or off when the box is off.
Press the Power Button again & the light will turn blue, the StreamLine TV Box is now starting.
This will solve most problems.

Speed Test

Do a Speed Test from the StreamLine TV Box to test your connection

  1. Go to the Main Launcher window by pressing the Home Button
  2. Select “My Apps” Press the down arrow on your remote control or keyboard
  3. to go down the list and locate Speed Test from the Alphabetized list of installed apps.

NOTE: If you see a Mouse Pointer when pressing the down arrow,
Disable the Mouse on the remote, you need it to be in Normal mode, not mouse mode.
(Learn more about the Remote & Keyboard Here)

To do a Speed Test from your computer you can Click Here

NOTE: If you are unplugging the box, always be sure to power it down properly before unplugging it.
To Power Down: Press the Power Button & wait for the light to turn Red or turn Off.
Once the light is Red or Off, If you Press the Power Button again the light will turn blue & the box will turn back on.


If you are still having problems, Try another App.

EXAMPLE: If you are using and add-on such as Exodus and can not get a TV Show to work, Try using Prime Wire, One Channel, TV4Me, or any of the other TV Show Add-ons.
Sometimes certain apps may be waiting on or in need of an update, so trying another app will often work.
Thats why we supply so many apps pre-installed on our boxes & update the pack often!
Remember, you can always select Add-ons to see the full list of installed Apps

You can also go to the main screen & then select the Power Button next to the Star in the lower Left corner. After 10 seconds all updates will be applied and you will be returned to the Main Launcher Window. Go back to the movies section and try again.

Be sure to check the News and Updates section or our FB page for any news, updates, and changes.