How to configure Bluetooth Devices

This video will show you had to add and remove Bluetooth devices on your StreamLine SXII
Bluetooth Headsets are a Great Way to use your StreamLine TV in private, or late at night without disturbing others, while still having the volume up loud!

If you are trying to connect a Keyboard or Mouse that includes a little USB thing (dongle) with it, that is not bluetooth.
Just plug the USB dongle into any StreamLine TV device and it will auto configure within 2 seconds! All StreamLine Devices support those type of controllers, keyboards, mouses, etc.

Your Bluetooth Device must not be in use on another device while you are trying to pair it.
It must be in Pairing Mode for the StreamLine SXII to find it. (The SLT does not support Bluetooth)
For details on putting your device into Pairing Mode, please see your Devices Manual or check the manufacturers website.
All Bluetooth devices have a pairing mode, it is usually activated by turning the device off & then back on
if there is no other Pre-Paired device for it to connect to it will often enter Pairing Mode, or you may have to hold a button,
such as power, down for approximately 3 seconds for it to enter pairing mode.
When in Pairing mode, most devices will flash the LED rapidly or in different colors.


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