How-to for the LT3

Things to do before contacting Support.

  1. Power off your StreamLine TV Box & Then Power it back on.
       Using Remote: Hold the Power button for 3 seconds & then tap ok when the “Power Off” options appears
       Using keyboard (restart only): Press ctrl – alt – delete (or Fn & Enter on the StreamLine mini keyboard)
  2. Be sure you have installed the Latest Pack
    If you have, Try re-installing the latest pack & be sure to leave the Check Mark in “Clear Cache & Data”
  3. If your Time / Date is wrong, that means you don’t have a good internet connecting or are not connecting. Unplug your Modem / Router & Power off the streamline box, plug your modem back in, wait 2 minutes & then turn the streamline box back on & check your internet connection and speed using the speedtest app
  4. Do a SpeedTest by logging into the Google Play Store from the home page and install the app – The App will then be located in “My Apps” after install.
  5. If you are still having trouble after following these steps, please fill out a support ticket on the support page, here.

How do I Factory Reset the LT2 or LT3


This will completely reset the LT3, Erase Everything & Put it back to Factory Defaults
Go to Settings > Storage & Reset > Factory Data Reset > Factory Data Reset > Erase Everything
Then wait for No Less than 10 minutes for all background processes to complete

After you reset the box you will need to do the activation setup again.
If you are on Disclaimer 16, YOU MUST follow the correct video, linked below.

Activation Video for Disclaimer 16

Activation Video for Disclaimer 17

Here is a Video Walk-thru of the reset

How to find a TV Show or Movie

Now that you have everything up and running, here are a few short videos to help you get started and find what you’re looking for – Which add-ons are best and how they work to find Movies and TV Shows 

Here are a few videos on How To Find TV Shows & How To Find Movie

Here are a list of some of our customers favorite apps.
These are by no means the only apps that work.

Also keep in mind that the apps change frequently, so we rely on your feedback to keep everyone updated asap of any changes or new info!

Once you click on an app, choose movies or tv shows, then go to most popular, featured, People Watching, or do a search…

If the source is slow, low quality or broken, try another source or maybe another add-on.


Speed Test – Internet problems – Buffering

The first step in solving buffering issues is by doing a speedtest From the StreamLine Box,

This video will show you how
NOTE: if you already have the SpeedTest app, be sure to Update it before doing the test.


LT2 & LT3 Troubleshooting Video


How do I reset the Google Play Store – LT2 or LT3

How do I reset the Google Play Store – LT2 or LT3 If you are having trouble with opening the Google Play Store on your LT2 or LT3, Follow this video to remove any updates that may have failed to finish installing & are causing the Play Store

No Sound – No Volume

Having Trouble with No Sound / No Volume 

There are 3 Volumes

  1. The one for your TV
  2. The one on the volume keys on the remote & keyboard
  3. and also, the + & – keys on ANY Keyboard
    * There may also be a picture of a Speaker Up & Down next to the controls during a movie or show playback, that’s the same as the + & – keys

Here’s a picture of the last 2

The Date and Time are wrong.

If the Date / Time are incorrect on the screen, you are not connecting to the internet.
The StreamLine TV Box uses the Internet for everything, including the Time & Date, if your Time and Date are wrong, this means the StreamLine TV Box’s Internet connection is not connecting.

Fix the internet problem & then everything should be fine, be sure to restart the streamline box too.


  • Press the Home button on the remote or keyboard & Look at the Top Right corner, do you see 2 computers or a WiFi symbol?
    If not, you are not connected to the internet Router.
     – If you do, then your internet connection is out or the wi-fi signal is week or has interference.
  • Click the Settings icon on the lower right corner & click your connection (May be located under Network)
  • Restart your internet router by Unplugging the power to the router, waiting 30 seconds & then plug it back in.
    Then Hold the Power button on the StreamLine Remote for 3 seconds & click shutdown, if the Blue LED turns off or turns Red it is off.
    Now press the power button again – You should see the StreamLine Logo flashing on your screen for at least 20 seconds or more, if not your box did not turn off, unplug it & plug it back in.
    Once it is restarted, try your connection again.

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