Finding Movies & TV Shows

Things have changed a bit in 2017, here are a few updated short videos to help you get started and find what you’re looking for – Which add-ons are best and how they work to find Movies and TV Shows 

Here are a few videos on How To Find TV Shows & How To Find Movie

The BEST Add-ons to use for Movies & TV Shows:
Start from the Left or go to the Right. Add-ons further to the right may not be as good as the ones to the left, However, if you can’t find something in one from the left of the list, move to the right until you find it.
Performance of the add-ons is “Over All” so just because 1 is on the right does not mean it is not as good for everything.

Also keep in mind that the apps change frequently, so we rely on your feedback to keep everyone updated asap of any changes or new info!

Once you click on an app, choose movies or tv shows, then go to most popular, featured, People Watching, or do a search…

If the source is slow, low quality or broken, try another source or maybe another add-on.