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About StreamLine FAQ

Can I use a Wireless Keyboard & Mouse

Yes, all StreamLine models are compatible with both Wired & Wireless Keyboards and Mouses!
We recommend using a Wireless Keyboard, they work better than Bluetooth ones…
They come with a Wireless Dongle, its a little USB transmitter, that plugs into the side of the box…
You can get a nice Logitech K400 from Walmart for around $25

Some of the StreamLine models have Bluetooth support as well, however there is a known issue with Apple Bluetooth Keyboards.
Apple has made their Bluetooth keyboards specifically to not work with Android devices…
The StreamLine SLT, LT2 & LT3 do not support Bluetooth

What is StreamLine TV?

StreamLine TV is an exciting new way to not only watch tv, but to take control of your tv. StreamLine TV lets you watch what you want to watch, when you want to watch it. With NO COMMERCIALS and NO LIMITS.

With StreamLine TV, you can watch just about ANY TV Show ever made and any movie ever released including many movies still in the theater. Unlike many of the popular streaming sites that charge a monthly fee and have a very limited selection of tv shows/movies, StreamLine lets you watch any tv series from the very beginning right up to the latest episode. ( Internet Streaming TV Box )

How does StreamLine work?

StreamLine is an easy to use platform that when connected to the internet, uses apps to compile organized lists of tv shows/movies from across the world wide web. These sources contain links to the movies/tv shows you requested and when chosen, will stream that movie/tv show to your tv.

Call or email us for a free in home demo or to learn more about StreamLine TV. Isn’t it time you take control of your tv?

Why is StreamLine the Best?

The most important aspects of a Great Streaming TV device are Processor, RAM, and the Network connection.
Graphics processing is also important due the emerging Video codec technologies.
The S812, used on the StreamLine TV Media Center SXII, is the best chipset for this, it combines all the best aspects of the previous chips into one more modern unit capable of running all the latest audio and video codecs on any TV including the new 3d and 4k models.

You should always be sure to check the RAM on any streaming device that is running any form of Android OS, if it has less than 2Gb of RAM,
it will not perform well running multiple things, such as email, Social Media Apps, or other apps you may download.

Most other boxes use the S802 or S805 Chips here is a list showing what is what.

  • MX – Good for 1080p video playback. Slow performance with a dual core processor, dual core GPU. Slow gaming platform. No HEVC support.
  • S802 – Good for 1080p and 4K video playback. Excellent performance with a quad core processor, Octa core GPU. Could be also used as a pretty good gaming platform. No HEVC support.
  • S805 – faster multi-core performance, better GPU, HEVC, 1080p H.264 video encoding, and Gigabit Ethernet. But No 4K support, it can do anything S802 does, so if you don’t need 4K video playback and output, this could be a cheaper solution. Power consumption should also be lower than to the Cortex A5 cores instead of Cortex A9 for the other SoCs.
  • S812 – Same as S802 but adding H.265/HEVC video decoding up to 4K and Gigabit Ethernet. This makes it more future proof than the other chips. This chip excels when used as a media center with a USB or wired gigabit network hard drive with its built in Gigabit Ethernet connection.

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What if the box doesn’t work?

If your internet is to slow or unreliable the box may have trouble working, it does Stream its content from the Internet, So a bad connection will cause problems.
If you intend on watching Streams in 1080p we recommend a minimum speed of 8 mbps download
If you have less than 8 mbps down, we would recommend sticking with the HQrated shows and movies rather than the HD ones.
If you have more than one box, or several devices connected higher speed may be required.

See our Trouble Shooting section for help. 
If your internet is just to slow and you need to return your box use our RMA Request Form

Does the StreamLine TV box come with a Warranty?

StreamLine TV SX series & LT series models come with a 1 year warranty. We also offer a Free limited Lifetime warranty to those who Register Your Box Here within 90 days of purchase
This warranty is not transferable and is subject to the terms & conditions listed on and at the sole discretion of StreamLine for repair / replacement. The warranty is limited to the StreamLine SX or LT series device only and does not extend to cords, plugs, or accessories. This warranty covers manufacturers defects, workmanship, and the devices ability to power on and function when supplied with the correct power or working cords. It does not cover inability to run apps or add-ons due to software support or lack there-of. If software requirements surpass the devices capability StreamLine does offer discounts for “Upgrading” to a newer device.

Is StreamLine TV Legal in the USA?

Yes! The StreamLine TV box Streams unregulated content from the internet directly to your TV, it does not download, host, or store any of the media.
Streaming content on the internet is generally legal. Jim Gibson, director of the Intellectual Property Institute at the University of Richmond law school stated in an interview with Business Insider that Streaming unlicensed content is only illegal in the following cases:
A: When the user downloads even part of a file — called “pseudo-streaming” —` it counts as a copy of copyrighted material, which is illegal.
B: You streams content as a “public performance” — namely, when it’s shown to a substantial number of people outside the normal family circle and its close acquaintances Outside of these two cases, streaming online is generally legal.
Read more from Business Insider:

What is the difference between downloading and streaming?

Downloading is when you actually take any part of a tv show/movie and save it somewhere in or on your computer for future viewing.  Streaming can only be watched during the stream.  After it has been streamed, there is no part of it on your computer and you cannot view it at a later date.  You can relate this to how Netflix or YouTube work.  When you view a video posted on Youtube, you are streaming that information to your computer.  Once you leave their site, the video is gone.

Is it easy to use?

Yes! StreamLine provides you with a simple and easy layout that gives you instant access to hundreds of apps that find the tv shows or movies you want.

Is it easy to hook up?

Yes! The average install time is less than 5 minutes. There are only 3 cords.
Power cord, Internet cord that goes to your router, and an HDMI cord that goes to your TV. (Click Here for Instructions)

Does it work on wireless?

Yes! StreamLine is set up just like your laptop or phone with wireless ability. However, we do recommend that you directly connect StreamLine to your router for optimum streaming quality.
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How many TVs will StreamLine TV Work on?

The StreamLine TV Box will work on one TV at a time, however it is small enough that you can easily move it from room to room. Or once you see how much money you save you will want more for your other rooms.
It will also allow you to share content from your Mobile devices onto your TV!
Supports DLNA – AirPlay – Google TV Remote – and Miracast